Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grace Under Foot

At the end of last summer I rescued cotton skirts from Grace's give-away pile, 4 skirts to be exact. I started at the bottom and cut up and around making one continuous strand to crochet. I threw this one on the floor so it could start practicing. It would go from a life of Sunday morning Church...out to lunch and hanging out(or on) with young women, college bound, with hopes and dreams and enough energy to chase them, to a life of utility. To be tread upon, feet wiped on, laid on by critters, egg shells dropped upon...
...and yet there is beauty and grace in the staying put and providing comfort.
This is my first successful oval rug, I recently finished it to gift my friend Barb for her birthday. Barb has graced my life in so many ways I thought it a fitting gift, a little grace under foot...literally and figuratively:)

Monday, February 15, 2010


THIS continues to thrill me. It was about -8* THAT is kinda cold. I love the beaded effect of the frost on the window. THIS sweet heart is one of my nieces who came over for a crocheting lesson. I'm sure I've mentioned how much I love to do handwork with kids, THAT is something that brings great joy to my heart. I can't get enough of THIS...by now you've guessed THAT!
THIS is the decorations from a Valentines Dinner that Jon and I went to at our Church. THAT AmAzING cake was made by my sister in law Kaye!! While there I met up with my very dear friend Barb who I've mentioned before, we exchanged birthday gifts, THIS-click here-its a must see, was one of the things that she gifted me...I love THAT lady.
THIS is frost on Willy's window at -15* ...THAT's cold!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jack was here...

...and here......here...

...here again...
...here also!

Old windows make the prettiest frost.
The best windows for frost in our old home are the upstairs outside storm windows. The combination windows don't make nice frost, its the storms that Jon puts on every fall and takes off every spring that really put on a show when the thermometer takes a dive. A & W's bedrooms are the best frost viewing rooms. When I rattle their cages for school on frosty morns I check out the frost on the windows. My favorite kind is when it looks like feathers with beads down the shaft and fills up the entire window. I will be sure to keep you posted if Jack Frost's anything of exceptional beauty! I do love winter!!