Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pancake Ingenuity

Sunday Jon and I went to a sugar shack for pancakes in the woods at some dear friends of ours Mark and Mari~Belle, they make maple syrup on their farm. Let me tell you I have a couple weeks of blog fodder to use!! It was heaven on earth for me, but I'll expound on that in the next post(s). The making of the pancakes deserves a post all its own and when you see this I'm sure you will be as impressed as we were. It is a homemade pancake making machine!!!
They mix the batter up in 5 gallon buckets and then pour about 1/2 of it into the hopper. Then it's rolled down to the other end. The hopper is on little train wheels and the griddle has little tracks on each side. The griddle is scrubbed with a rag between fry's that has about 2 cups of salt tied into it and then it soaks in oil between scrubs. The workers told me it keeps the griddle from smoking, it must work, there was none of that smokey griddle smell, just the aroma of the pancakes frying away.
As the hopper is pushed down the track a lever is pushed...or pulled(?) to release batter onto the griddle, 4 pancakes at a time...
...and another 4 pancakes...
...and on and on...
...until the whole griddle is full of 40 pancakes. How impressive is that. Mari~Belle told me that when they first started doing the pancakes in the woods they just did it on household griddles, what an undertaking that had to be!There you have it sweet pancake ingenuity! Josh enjoying his pancakes...
...Blessing enjoying hers...
...there is nothing sweeter than sharing the experience with family!

Monday, April 12, 2010

In the Parlor with the Candlestick

Everyone has their own signal that spring is here and summer is on its way. For me it is Zion Lutheran in town having their annual thrift sale that supports their youth group. It was held last Saturday. Grace and I go every year, when Randi lived around here she went. Some years Jon goes with. We usually find a treasure or two. Jon found a 1966 Schwinn bike, the handle bars have been changed so he will be on the look out for some that are original.
This was one of my finds, and to be honest when I saw it I thought "uffda just how much ugly can I put up with?...$3 for the lamp and 50 cents for the shade...alot of ugly...I guess." I had a flash back of Jon on occasion sitting the recliner that is not "his" chair reaching up and turning on a pretend lamp so he could see his laptop. Then he says something like "I forgot we don't have lamp here". I know the guy is just plain fun...never a dull moment. Anywho the ugly was even more bearable when they threw in the shade for free. I was home less than 10 minuets and Avery took the tin snips after the leaves before I could get the before picture, just trust me we all agreed they had to go along with the 4 inch plastic tube . Once we had it all stripped down Ave said it looked like a life size game piece from "Clue".
Jon bought a new finial and spray painted both pieces ivory. It was a bit to bright so I antiqued it with some deft oil that had a finish in it. I started off rubbing it on with a rag but went to just pouring some in my gloved hand, smeared, and when it was almost tacky then I rubbed some off with the rag.

The kids say it still looks like a pineapple, I say not bad for 3 bucks and some parts.
Now Jon can see things in a whole new light;)