Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life is a symphony...

...and you just never know what your missing until you have a fun experience!
Last Saturday we actually factually(flash back to Charolett's Web movie...I'm feeling all kinds of musical) went to the LaCrosse Symphony Orchestra. We went to see...
...Margit who is J.J.'s girl friend, she is a concert violinist.
We met Margit's parents for the first time, it was probably to J.J.'s advantage that we were all dressed up and in a formal setting;) We also met her violin teacher, he is in the orchestra also. Who would have thought that a concert violinist who teaches violin to 17 students also has a violin teacher?!? It was so fun that you could hear just one little pluck of a violin string, and that so many different sounds came out of each instrument. It has to be appreciated in real life, TV does not do an orchestra justice.
Avery, Ian(Grace's boyfriend), and Grace went with.
Willy went too and informed us that he may become a symphony orchestra junkie, he loved it! Willy plays trombone, in the high school band so he understands details that I have no clue about.
This was a new experience for both Jon and I. I enjoyed the music and people watching. We may not purchase season tickets but defiantly would love to go again, especially if Margit is playing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Spring is in full gear around here,
and my raspberries are leafing out real nice.
But its the rhuBarb that I am keeping a good eye on. I can't wait for that 1st pan of rhuBarb desert. I think the one with the custard topped with meringue will be my favorite this year, and yes my favorite does change every year.
This is the other reason I'm keeping track of it. I'm leaf looking to make some more of these. Willy and I made a few late last spring. It was a trial and error kind of thing. I had seen one at a friends house, she said she paid $25 for her's, I wanted one but do love the challenge of seeing if I can do a project for little or nothing. Willy made rounded mounds of sawdust(we have so much from the ski making business), we laid rhuBarb leaves bottom side up on the sawdust. The bottom side has more detail and that gives a better impression on the cement. Willy mixed the bags of cement and scooped it onto the leaves. We smoothed them off and on a couple built up a little flat area. The cement did go threw the one leaf that had a couple of holes in it, it kinda looks like it has warts. I broke one before it was dry because I jumped the gun a bit, moved it, and it cracked. Another one cracked on its own.
One I took to my friend Barb, she has it on her deck with bird seed in, and the birds kept her company all winter long. The warty one we put on the ground where the rain water runs off the house. I no longer look at rhuBarb leaves the same, they are for more than being fanned with:)