Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fresh Start

Its that time of year when we all seem to want a fresh coat of paint, or make a change of some kind, inside and out. I like to freshen things up but not lose the character in the process. Rust and wrinkles...its all good!
Last summer I found this Decoware bread box in the bargain bin at an antique mall in Wadena MN. I paid just $4 for it. Add two cans of spray paint, antique ivory for the inside and sage green for the outside, and for around 10 bucks I have what I call a "treasure" and my kids call "dead people junk". Jon patiently took me to 4 different stores looking for the perfect paint color...we didn't find it (it exists only in my mind). The doors are so fun, inside and out so we kept them original and painted the rest. Jon was the one who put on the final coats, it kept running for me, with all the furniture and ski's he has sprayed he is pretty much the master when it comes to laying down a smooth finish.
Pretty fun huh?!? When I shut and open the doors it makes the sweetest little "ting" sound. My Grma Brown had a bread box and it reminds me of the one that sat on her counter. Mine will live in my sewing room.
This is my other New Year fresh start. For the 1st time I am trying a sourdough starter. I had bubbles after the 3rd day and after a week I baked my fist loaf of sourdough bread. It didn't have the sour flavor I was expecting, but it was good non the less, so I'm letting it do its thing for another week and see if that improves the tang. Rust and wrinkles, ting and tang, its all a good "fresh start" to my year!