Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whooo's your mama!?!

A couple weeks ago I was at a church tag sale(if you think you see an addiction…obsession pattern here you maybe right) and I found...this...
At first sight of this I began to laugh and reach for my cell phone "Grace I'm at the sale at the Presbyterian Church here in town and I just found an owl lamp....I said OWL-who-who lamp its a foot and 1/2 tall, hangs from the ceiling, lights up, its harvest gold and-" "ITS SO MINE, buy it for me" she said as she laughs like crazy. Jon paid the $3 for it all the while I as thinking "there has to be a blog post somewhere in this purchase...maybe "whoo loves you" or something like that." Then the other day I was e-mailing one of my bloggy friends and had asked if she had kids...besides Bob the dog. She replied no and that it was all good for her. She has nieces and nephew that she dotes on. My mind raced back(and a blog post was born) to every summer as a kid when we went to Iowa to visit my Dad's cousin Francis and her husband Ed. They had no kids and for those few days every year she loved on us like there was no tomorrow...sweet tea, raspberries, tucking us in...lovin' us...and making a difference in the lives of 4 wild little kids.
I also thought of Jon's Aunt Mae who didn't have kids, when we go north we visit her as if she were a Grma, making sure we get pictures of her with our kids because she has prayed and cared about our kids as much as she did Jon and his brothers and sisters.
In the spirit of just having celebrated Mother's Day, there ought to be a 'Nother Mothers Day, not an "Other Mothers Day" cuz that would mean a mother in law. 'Nother, like in "you want 'nother cookie?" meaning added to the goodness that one already has... an added unexpected sweetness to ones a second cookie. These "nother Mothers at times, have the time, energy, and resources that everyday Mama's have been tapped out of just providing the basics. They often give where regular Mama's forget to, they bring gifts tangible and non-tangible into our worlds, taking us on day trips and journeys. Sometimes when it feels like life has left us hanging 'Nother Mother's are there to light the way and let us know we are loved.So...whoo's your 'nother Mother?
Let her know she shines through you:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sugar Shack

Our ride out to the sugar shack, Bob & Beauty. We could have driven in for it was dry enough...but who would want to pass up a wagon ride!?!
We were reminded that life in the woods would indeed be moving at a much slower pace.
This guy was our musical entertainment while we were enjoying our pancakes and REAL maple syrup. There is a funny little story behind this picture, so I'll set the stage, pun intended. In Feb. we celebrated Jon being sober for 24 years (YEAH~HOORAY~YAHOO!!!), back in what I refer to as the crazy daze, the guy would dance all night long with when we do go to a wedding dance its a couple of slow dances and his dance card has been fulfilled and he's good for the evening. When I have reminded him how much he used to dance, he says "why do you think they call it liquid courage?" So we're eating pancakes, listening to Woodland Willie and he starts to sing "Love me tender" and I think hey it is a slow one...a girl has to try...right? I look across the picnic table at Jon and say "so...are you going to ask me to dance??" and with out skipping a beat he said "I need a few more pancakes in me." It was good humor and a good laugh:)
Our other entertainment for the day was my Heaven on earth!! When we first laid eyes(and my hands followed with in seconds) on the sheep and goats, Jon knew it would be a very long visit in the woods. This little guy was 11 days old, he just had his tail banded, goodness he was so so sweet.
Sweet curiosity.This is the actual sugar shack where the maple sap is boiled down to make maple syrup. My Grmpa & Grma made maple syrup when my Dad was growing up and when I was growing up, seeing all this was a sweet walk down memory lane. We would go to their home in the woods and help empty the sap buckets off the trees. Grmpa would let us put more wood on the fire, Grma would can the syrup and my Dad would take some of it to sell down in the "cities" that's what Minnesotans call Mpls/St. Paul.Inside the sugar shack, look at all that sweet steam, the ratio is 40 to 1, it takes 40 quarts of sap to make 1 quart of syrup. "Jody Bloom"
When I showed Grace the pictures from my amazing day she said this one should be titled "Jody Bloom" The floor of the woods was covered with these little Violets.
Even the view out the outhouse window was wonderful, the Violets look like a carpet.
A girl after my own heart!I'm tellin' ya, my Heaven on earth...I am one happy camper!!!
The ride home did not disappoint either, it was a day that was tailor made for me.