Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WAter WAy

My WA trip continued.
We went to Seattle across Puget Sound by WAy of WAter.
Crossing a pretty impressive bridge along the WAy.
This was our greeter while WAiting to drive onto the ferry. It is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, they are used by Homeland Security, he WAs very excited to do his job.
All aboard!!
WAter WAtching.
A passing ferry.
There's Seattle! Its good to see the Space Needle from afar because once your up close its hard first of all to crane your neck to see it(said the lady with a titanium plate in her's) and second to really appreciate it compared to its surroundings.

And here we are at Pike Place Market! We had front row parking(I don't know about you but to me thats a little blessing) we just got out of Tami's Taxi and walked right in. Tami does a very impressive job at getting around, she was also determined not to wear us out so she did alot of the drop and go method...she would drop us off and go find a go find a parking spot.
We could hear music as soon as we got out of the vehicle. This guy was warming up as we left. The musicians take turns playing throughout the day. Our arrival serenader was James Coates, Barb and I both bought his cd.
I took this picture for my boys that love to bike, I thought they'd like the "bike stand".
So much to see.
The fish throwers!! How cool is that I got a picture of them throwing fish...yup, I WAs impressed.
Besides the fish throwers this guy is a main attraction, you have to WAit your turn to take pictures with him.
Then we crossed the street to the original Starbucks, where I bought my husband one of his favorite things...coffee and a mug to put it in...yup, he WAs happy.
Our last stop WAs at the Space Needle. These carvers impressed me as much as the Needle. My next and last post on my trip is, besides getting to spend time with Tami & family and Barb, one of my favorite things about the trip...it will be well worth the WAit!!