Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cookie Pudding

I begged was given this recipe from the wife of a pastor we had a few years ago (18 is a few right?). This is one of our "potluck" favorites. The kids will snag some out before it is garnished or hope that some will be left over at parties end. They then hide their little stash in the frig, usually behind something they think the others won't eat (Grace-under the lettuce, Ave-behind the yogurt, Will-butter door).
Here's the goods!! If your a stickler for brand name foods, this is one of those times when it really doesn't matter--also this was last minute so Willy and I went to the local small town Piggly-Wiggly, where you can blow threw a whole weeks food budget on just a few items.

Cookie Pudding
2 small boxes vanilla instant pudding
2 cups butter milk (I have used 3 cups when I've felt the need to make it stretch)
16 oz. whipped topping
2 cans mandarin oranges-drained
1 pkg. fudge striped cookies-crumble except for one row as garnish

Mix 2 boxes of pudding with the buttermilk (it will not be a smooth).
Add whipped topping, crushed cookies (save a row for garnish) and drained mandarin oranges.
Garnish with remaining cookies. Its ready to serve and will keep in the frig for a few days if it lasts that long! I could have zoomed in on just the top, I thought you'd want to see my retro pyrex, that for all my wishin' still hasn't broken.
This is what my Dad would call a "potlicker"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baseball Brothers

A & W are so different, just like the first letter of their names on the alphabet spectrum they are on opposite ends. Not only in looks, body type, complexion, but also in temperament, how they approach a problem, and their study (or lack of) habits, just to name a few. The one thing they do share is their love of the game! Now its baseball, in the fall it will be football. It has also caused more than their share of arguments at times. But when the dust settles they grab their gloves and head out to the back yard to play catch and critique throwing technique. It brings them together in a sweet way. I'm sure they would object to me using the word sweet when referring to them--unless it's a sweet new glove or cleats!
Avery plays 2nd base and rumor has it he will be pitching soon on the JV1 team.

Willy pitches, plays 1st base, and sometimes right field on the JV2 team.

Will & Ave
It is not often that they both have a game in the same place, when they do its a huge bonus and a great time to snap a pictures of them together. It brings us all together in a sweet way, and they can't argue with that!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One with Dirt

Jon, A & W in their John Deere sweat shirts they received for Christmas.
Jon, A & W living up to the slogan on their sweat shirts.
And when they were done planting the garden--the tub was also one with dirt!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amazing Party!!

Grace and Ashton have been the best of friends since Ashton, who at 4 months old had the forsight to get started on the relationship right away, visited Grace in the hospital the day Grace was born. They have shared most big and little events in their lives, it was so fun that they shared their graduation party. So many pictures of them growing up together it was hard to pick and choose for use when doing the decorations. Hats off to: Ashtons' Mom, Dawn who picked up alot of my slack; their Aunt Kaye and Cousin Kaydra baked and decorated the cake; Grma came and baked bars for 2 days; Aunts, Uncles, and Grma's worked kitchen duty; and Ashtons' Grmpa as the offical bar taste tester. Not only does this family love to have a fun party they are more than willing to work to make it happen!The Dads doing pre-party prep, the chocolate fountain was a big attraction. It usually makes an appearance at big family events. My handsome husband is pouring the chocolate--it doesn't get any sweeter, my obsessions combined!
Our 5 kids. I may be biased, but--they are fine looking (this is where having a handsome husband pays off)!! Warms my heart having them all in one spot at one time.
Randi and Melissa started off the after party-party with some trick scooter riding. They are considering hitting the local parade circuit.
Avery providing more after party entertainment. When he showed up on bike wearing a biking suit I said look its Lance Armstrong. Ave then proved how "arm-strong" he is!
I leave you with a bit more sweetness. Our Randi and her boy at the end of a very fun day!