Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sock it to me:)

While my sister Tami is in Hawaii funning and sunning for the past week...I'm here in WI missing phone chats with her and enjoying these socks she knitted and sent me. It is supposed to get down to 47* tonight...and one would think I would sleep with these really comfy, really cool socks on...
...you see I have really cold feet, when I was younger I always slept with my socks on. Then along came Jon who said "what in the world are you doing with your socks on?" I explained that my feet are cold...really cold.
Have no fear your knight in shining armor is here!
You sleep without socks and you can warm your feet up on my legs...deal? Deal! So for years I pop into bed no matter the hour and if I so wish I plant my ice cubes on his heat radiating legs...deal...deal...not so fast. Last winter after over 25 years of defrosting my tootsies, I pop into bed...you can see where this is going right!?! So, I plant my frigid feet upon Mr. Lava Legs and he says "take those ice cubes off me." I reply in a somewhat state of you have got to be kidding me "say what? serious?" He assured me he was indeed serious. I remind him of the commitment he had made, cuz a deal after say 25 years is pretty much a committed for life kind of deal...right!?! He said "put your socks back on" "Well the honeymoon must be over and a deal is a deal...do we need to go to counseling (anytime he bugs me I tell him I'm signing us up for counseling...it's become a bit of a joke between us)?"
So with windows wide open and the fan blowing the nice cool...cold night air in on my hot honey...
...I will be sleeping...
socks on...
...ahhhh all is right with the world:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Schools (finally) out for summer!!! The end of school has been a little bitter sweet for me. Here are just a couple of memories from the year.
I'm glad I caught this picture for posterity sake.
Avery made these polar fleece pajamas...
...and this guy in a Sew Much More home ec. class.
Willy giving it his all.
Working at the high school has had it perks, getting asked to wear a football jersey Homecoming game day would be one of them:)
Here is where the end of the end comes in...
...the "how do you like them apples?"
For the past 10 years I have worked at the local high school as a teachers aide (excuse me if I don't use the PC terminology--paraprofessional). I was injured on the job a little over 2 years ago, recovery has been slow and not total. I would love to spill the whole pot of beans on this but until all is said and done with workman's comp mums the word.
Bear with me, as I go a little off track, it will all come together...in the end. Through out this injury my sister Tami has been a huge support and just a bit outspoken ( I know, hard to believe) on the whole ordeal. As I dealt/deal with w/c, the school, meds, drs. dr. bills, surgery, PT, OT, etc. etc. in the back ground has been my sister "you tell them that they broke you, now they need to fix this mess!" She has talked me through the in and outs, ups and downs, and has been a shoulder to cry on. Back on track we go...
I have had work restrictions and it has been a challenge for the school to work within my limitations. A month before school was out the superintendent came to see me one day and explained that due to my medical restrictions they will not have a position for me next year. A couple weeks later I learned that I would be getting my 10 years of service "Apple Award". When I told Tami about my "apple award" she said something to the effect "Well, will it have a big ol' bite taken out!?! It really should, and if they hand you the whole apple you just hand it back to them and say(I'll insert a breath here for her, although she doesn't often come up for need of air)..."clearly you seem to have forgotten to take a bite out of the proverbial apple" at this point what do you have to lose I mean REALLY!!" So the last week of school on Monday I was given my walking papers, and on Wednesday I was given my "apple award" I opened the box, took out my apple and had a little chuckle...
...as requested Tami, the proverbial bite had been taken :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Too Far

We went to Missouri for a long Memorial Day weekend. It is a long, long drive. Along the way I found my self saying "this is just too far" thats the adult version of "are we there yet?" But really 485 miles to get there is defiantly not too far to meet...
Connor our new grandson.
Nor is it too far to be able to snuggle him in my arms.On the ride home Jon couldn't leave Missouri with out making a last stop on the Missouri-Iowa boarder at a huge fireworks warehouse....he may have gone too far this time, I'm quite certain he will get his butt tossed in jail when he lights them all off. A friend lent us her touring van, and let me tell you it was a really, really, sweet ride, complete with a sheep skin rug for me to sit on. We have not had a full sized van for years, just minivans, with alot less leg room, cargo space, and space between the seats, this was a treat to say the least.
Over 1200 miles round trip was not too far......but the space between us was!