Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The March 11, 2011 earth quake has moved Japan 13 feet closer to the United States. The earths axis has been moved by 6.5 inches moving our day 1.8 microseconds shorter. The tsunami that followed moved a 23 foot high wall of water. The tsunami moved across the ocean at 500 miles per hour reaching Hawaii in less than 12 hours, then it moved and reached the main land of North America.
This is Ryan a friend of ours and of our extended family, I borrowed the picture from his facebook:) He has been in Japan for the past 6 weeks in Itayangi, 200 miles northwest of Sendai(see news story here at WKTB video on right). Ryan is safe.
When our world is rocked, literally and figuratively,
we are moved in one way or another...
many have been moved to tears,
others will be moved to fears...
...I am moved to pray this day, for some way I can reach out.
How will this move you?