Monday, September 29, 2008

#'s shapes & critters--oh to one-der about the world!

This is our grandson Elijah. These pictures were taken when he has here for a visit in June. Grace and Avery took the pictures. They took him to the track that borders our liitle piece of earth. Not only is he 1 year old, he is our first grandchild.
Eli had to step on every yellow triangle, red dot, and number--all the way around!
Then his curious little piggy's found an ant hill!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Brass Band

Willy marched in the parade at Octoberfest. Our nieces also were in the parade, Ashton marched for Mel-Min, Brooke and Allie danced for Misty's Dance. It was a family affair. Jon, Dave & Dawn, Jon's mom and dad and Ian braved the crowds and took in the event. I convulsed upon the couch, next summer has now become my mantra. Will loves band. The uniforms are new this year, don't they look grand!! (photo by Grace)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

One of my berry favorite things

I pretty much love anything that has to do with raspberries, I love to pick them as much as I love to eat them. Graci is my substitute picker this year and is doing a great job. She picks, brings them in and the boys eat them like its popcorn. I have cherished memories of picking berries with my Grma Brown. Grma would let us help her make jam and then in the winter when we went for a visit we would go down into the cellar and find a jar of jam or sauce with our name on it. I have a nice patch in the back yard. Both Jons sister and brother have started a patch of thier own from my plants. The other day when I was on the phone to Jons sister Kaye she said picking berries for her was her "Fall Utopia" I agree. I love to share my berries, it thrills my heart to let my nieces and nephews pick and eat until they are full. When our Randi was back for a visit 2 weeks ago we took turns taking her little Elijah out to the berries, more cherished memories.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gotta have it!!

Jon ordered seeds for this sweet corn from Gurneys its name really is "gotta have it" by far the best sweet corn I've ever had. We will definitely order this one again. It was ready towards the end of August. My Dad, niece Diana, and nephew Devin picked and husked it. Jon and the kids have done all garden work this year, a work related injury has kept me down and out since April. I am now recovering from the first of two back surgeries. I have big plans to enjoy next summer!! In the mean time I get to enjoy the fruits of their labor!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Man's Day Out!!

Jon, Avery, J.J., and Willy

These are my guys!! They took in Twins game and Star Wars exhibit in Aug. They had a bunch of male/father/son bonding fun. Does the guy behind Jon have any clue that in this day and age you NEVER-EVER pick your nose in public, you never know when you'll be caught in someone else's picture.