Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If ya can't take the heat...

Grilling out is one way we keep our house cooler in the heat of summer. I would really like one of those green EGG ceramic grills...but here's the honest truth...rarely do I do the grilling. Jon does our grilling and he is pretty much a master at it on our Weber kettle grill. I'm the kitchen prep part of this dynamic duo. Although I'm pretty sure if we had an EGG he would love it...and I would love him loving it. I did decide if I was going to say that we would really love an EGG I should at least make and attempt at grilling a meal or two. So far this summer I've done one meal all by my lonesome.I made pork and grilled corn. I found a recipe for grilled corn with a mayo mixture smeared on, it was really good. Most of the time when we grill there are 2 things that are a grill staple for us, grilled toast, and potatoes on the grill.
When we make Grilled Toast we try to use bread that we can cut thick, I like using sourdough. Butter both sides and sprinkle with Lawry's season salt and grill both sides, so good that even the ones that get a bit to dark get eaten. This year we are using natural lump charcoal, so far we are pretty impressed.

Potatoes on the grill.
Grated potatoes
Thinly sliced onions
Butter, salt, pepper, Lawry's, lemon pepper.
Spray heavy duty tin foil. Put potatoes, onions, butter and seasons on tin foil then wrap up and then wrap with another piece of tin foil. Grill until done. We usually put on before we put the meat on unless we are grilling something that is really thick.

Tastes even better than they look!! The sweet corn is from our garden, we plant Gotta have it from Gurneys and it is by far the best corm we have ever had or grown.
Summer supper out doors...keepin' it cool inside.
Here I am helping clean up(fulfilling my part of the dynamic duo;) in my new apron from Cowgirl Goods, I love it! Oh yea Cowgirl has an EGG, and she hardly uses her oven...yup she's cool.


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

mmmm makes me hungry - I love corn! Would love to hear what that mayo mixture is for the corn.... we love to grill too... Hubby usually takes care of that!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We're having pork chops tonight on the grill...we've got corn as well - I think those potatoes will be the perfect thing - thanks for that idea :)

DayPhoto said...

I grill everything all the time, even in the winter. Good post!


Tami said...

Tell your boys they need to smile. They look a little grumpy here, and I know they are a very handsome bunch when they smile!

By the way, this is NOT a bad picture of you. You look great. If I weren't so vain, I'd show you a bad picture. Just remember me bad in IL with my bathrobe. ;)

Pam said...

Cute apron and the food looks delicious! I'm so glad to find your blog and will enjoy future posts!

Tessa Nelson said...

looks good! Except... I'd be eating it in the AC inside:)

Linda said...

Does that look good or WHAT!!! I need to do more of that with veggies. We do our meat on the grill all year.

Brenda said...

We grill out ALL the time, even in the rain. I love how it cuts down on the cleanup, and keeps the heat outside.

We must have grown up similar. I have done the potato foil thing for years, except I slice 'em. Corn---sometimes I leave the husks on. Lately I've been grilling them naked, watching them more carefully. YUM! Cute Apron!

Callie said...

Yum! All that food makes me feel hungry and guilty... I haven't used our grill once this summer. We use it in the winter... no mosquitos to bother us.

Anonymous said...

Nice apron! I've been crazy busy and finally sat down to check in. Did you get my link on the Eggfest in your neck of the woods? You guys cooked an awesome meal on the grill. But if you had an Egg you could of baked a cake while you were eating;)