Saturday, September 27, 2008

One of my berry favorite things

I pretty much love anything that has to do with raspberries, I love to pick them as much as I love to eat them. Graci is my substitute picker this year and is doing a great job. She picks, brings them in and the boys eat them like its popcorn. I have cherished memories of picking berries with my Grma Brown. Grma would let us help her make jam and then in the winter when we went for a visit we would go down into the cellar and find a jar of jam or sauce with our name on it. I have a nice patch in the back yard. Both Jons sister and brother have started a patch of thier own from my plants. The other day when I was on the phone to Jons sister Kaye she said picking berries for her was her "Fall Utopia" I agree. I love to share my berries, it thrills my heart to let my nieces and nephews pick and eat until they are full. When our Randi was back for a visit 2 weeks ago we took turns taking her little Elijah out to the berries, more cherished memories.

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Tami said...

My favorite berry memories are picking raspberries at Frances and Ed's. Do you remember their patch?