Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gotta have it!!

Jon ordered seeds for this sweet corn from Gurneys its name really is "gotta have it" by far the best sweet corn I've ever had. We will definitely order this one again. It was ready towards the end of August. My Dad, niece Diana, and nephew Devin picked and husked it. Jon and the kids have done all garden work this year, a work related injury has kept me down and out since April. I am now recovering from the first of two back surgeries. I have big plans to enjoy next summer!! In the mean time I get to enjoy the fruits of their labor!!


Tessa Nelson said...

beautiful:-) I already can't wait for next summer either, and I actually got to enjoy this one! I am so glad you have a blog - You'll be a great blogger!

Barb said...

DITTO....I'm glad you're blogging too! Don't forget to tell some of those great stories from the kids growing up. Your family was crazy like ours!

~Daina Marie~ said...

i remeber doing that! that corn was so yummy!!! i have to say that was the most fun i had picking and husking corn!