Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dressed for Success

As a new term begins, A & W start dragging home text books to be covered. I think I do a half way decent job at it. We did try those stretchy book cover things but my kids were not impressed. Whoever shops next will have request paper to replenish my stash of brown paper bags, they come in so handy!! I started using duck tape a few years ago, it was more for the look, we also found that I had to recover less often. Once again duck tape has played an important role in the educational process.

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Barb said...

That duct tape sure is marvelous stuff, isn't it? 2 weeks ago John bought a new BIG roll of duct tape and before he could even open it, I caught Trevor(who doesn't even live here) in the living room wrapping it around and round his shoes in the front. I had to laugh and tell him he was like his dad(what a thot!) who has been known to extend the life of a falling apart pair of shoes the very same way.