Monday, January 12, 2009

Rag Time

I started this rag rug by following a tutorial, it soon took on a life of its own and I ended up ripping it out and just freelancing (my way of saying I winged it). The problem was that the fabric was too thick and I had cut the strips too wide. The fabric used here was thrifted curtains that cost me $1. The giant hook was my birthday present and it cost $2.49. That's alot of fun for under $5 !!!

Crocheting the rug, working on those PT chin tucks--multi tasking, and hanging by the pellet stove with Otto. I like to think he's guarding my rag ball from the cat, who can reap havoc on anything that can be unwound.

The finished product is 20 x 30 inches.
Thank you !!!
The rug was a gift for Bonice who... (deep breath cuz the list is long) brought Grace home from Wed. night Church ###'s of time's, made a puppy run many hours away, lobbied for said puppy (there are days that one doesn't count), hauled me to many Dr. appointments, asked questions that I forgot to ask of the Dr, re-answered those questions when I would call because a brain on pain can't remember which end is up, went on info seeking missions for me (a shout out here for Gus, Bonices's husband who works in the medical field), brought me food, brought me pillows (if ever you have a back surgery latex pillows are the way to go), brought me pajama's, brought me dvd's to watch, brought me books to read (still challenged in that area-- the brain on pain thing), brought that puppy treats and toys, gave tons of puppy advice, watched very large energetic puppy for 6 days so we could visit Randi's family for Christmas ... you get the idea.


Tessa Nelson said...

I never thought of crocheting a rug! I was trying to latch hook a run... haha... I don't have any patients! I want a big crocheting hook now!! :-) Just one more good idea that I'll probably never get to... Great pictures!

Tami said...

That is way too cool. What a wonderful way to say Thank you to a good friend.

I'd like to also extend a thank you for everyone taking such good care of you. It is times like these that I dislke living so far away.

Dandelionmom said...

WOW! Maybe you should have made that rug bigger! Good friends are a treasure indeed. What kind of dog is that? He is very pretty.

Barb said...

You and Otto look like you are having fine crafting time together. I was just thinking today I need to be creative--that itchy feeling--too many days of no creativity. I also want one of those BIG needles. But I don't crochet.

Dandelionmom said...

you know... I read someplace that if you crochet rags in an exact circle around and around just a few chains without increasing it will cup up and make a basket--you can vary the size by the length of your initial chain--it would be a pretty cool way to store your rag balls and yarn balls ;)