Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two Much Fun

Our grandson came for a visit,
he brought his Mama & Daddy with.
He is 2 and honestly "two much fun"!
You can see him here when he was one.
We can take a picture of him on the numbers until he turns 8, the highest number on the track.
A little bit of grocery shopping.
(This has to happen when they show up 2 days early!)
Baseball with his buddy.
Blue eyed boy in big blue boots!
(he loves shoes~here)
Pudgy pinkies plunking piano.
Farm fun.
Making memories.
Berries for BenjaminCrooked Cracker Jack smile!
in THE END...
...he is bucket's of fun!!!


Tami said...

Oh my. He is such a sweetie. I love those big blue eyes. Can you believe not one, not one single child of mine got the blue eyes? I guess I will have to be happy that the little man has them to carry on the tradition.
Great post by the way. I love how you put the pictures together to tell the story of the visit. You are always so good at that.

Brenda said...

He is too cute!

I love the note written on the piano keys. I did that to Grama H's piano so many years ago.

You could sent his pic into cheerios and crackerjax for commercial use! Very photogenic boy!

DayPhoto said...

What a doll! Grandchildren make having children okay! With grandchildren you understand what unconditional love really is. And they understand what unconditional love is for an adult.

To live to know your grandchildren is a blessing!


Barb said...

He sure is cute! Great blogging! I need to get on the stick.

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

Many hugs to that sweet boy. Enjoy every minute.

Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hello!
It's great to meet you! This is a sweet post of a very cute grandboy!

Jody Blue said...

Linda~I so agree
Barb~yes you do!
Susan~he lives 8 hours away, so when he's here we can't keep our hands off him!

sewtakeahike said...

aww Jody, he is two cute! I love that idea with the photos!

Karen Deborah said...

awh so sweet. I love pudgie hands and making memories and they remember too!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

What a great age! (They all are, aren't they?).

Thanks for your comment on my rant about A T & T. I, too, have been very satisfied with the actual cell phone service and the price. It's just when you try to deal with these equipment problems! I highly resent them try to stiff me for $240 and wonder how many people have fallen for this. Since I posted this, I have had several say "If you want AT & T service, never go to their store. Go, instead, to Walmart or Best Buy who can hook you right up." Who knew? I do now and will take the good from A T & T and go elsewhere when I know they aren't going to be so hot--like buying the actual phone from them. Anyway, thanks again! C