Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fair Chickens

The long awaited CHICKEN POST is here, and it is photo heavy! Probably as heavy as I felt after 2 suppers, the 1919 Root Beer at the fair, and then home for a bit of tradition that our family started 20+ years ago, before we moved here, with the fair as our back yard.
This has to be the Phillis Dillar of the chicken world...
...which makes this guy Don King!
Just seeing if your still with me!
Besides I now want chickens AND ducks!
I love it when they put the hen and rooster together, if your lookin' to expand say a dream book on chickens, you can see them both in one spot and not have to lay awake at night wondering what the the other might look like.
This Henny Penny was so personable~~well as personable as a chicken can be. She didn't mind having her picture taken like some of the others.
Then came this handsome couple, him kind of a strutter.
And her a bit shy, but oh so pretty. I love the green black! I have no clue what kind any of them are except for 1 because I totally lost my mind when I saw.......HIM!!!!
Man oh man is he something or what ! ? ! ? Well worth the wait wouldn't you say?
When his owner saw me taking, oh some where close to 15 photo's of him he came and told us all about him. He weighs about 15 lbs and couldn't free range for a few weeks so that he could be all spiffed up for the fair! They hadn't judged them yet when we were there on day 2 , and I have no clue how he did. I intend to find out though! THEN he let us hold him, he did, he was so tame. I didn't even get a picture of him and I together (drats!) or him and anyone else. It was like I was star struck, like I lost my mind for a bit. And let me tell you, he is......The John Wayne of the chicken world, a real Rooster Cogburn!!
I was able to think a bit clearer when I finally made it to this little honey! I got her name even! She is a Wyandotte Silver Lace, and I want one of her~alot! My brother Rock said they are not the best laying hens because they have been bred for the color to look just so, and when you breed them for that alot of times you breed the egg production out of them. Still I'm putting this one in my book.
This is our family fair tradition!! Yes, it is! Its funnel cakes! We usually come home and make them, but this year we waited to day 3 of the fair, which I never made it to. When we had the kids all in one spot, before A& W were off to the demo derby's and Grace and Ian were of to shop for a HUGE trip, we made them. And trust me they as good if not better than they look, they are also very affordable when you make them at home!! ...until next year at the fair!


Tessa Nelson said...

loved the post. Loved it. I also love chickens. Their poop is unbelievably stinky... but I do love them!! loved all your comments on them. GREAT post!

DayPhoto said...

I hope you can get you some poultry! You are my kind of girl. The kids now have ducks and chickens. Just don't get geese they can be mean. Go on...just get you a couple of each!


Tami said...

Okay, you are starting to bring me around. I'm still a bit traumatized by that chicken butchering experience as a child. But that John Wayne guy. Oh yea, I can see how you love him. With a comb like that, and those feathers, how could you not strut your stuff?
My favorite though is the pretty black and white hen. When you look that good, who needs to lay a bunch of eggs. Don't you know the danger of cholesterol?
So just when you almost had me feeding the chickens when we are old ladies living together, Tessa pointed out the whole poop factor. I really don't like smelly poop. Who would we get to clean the hen house?

sewtakeahike said...

Wow Jody! I can't say I've ever been drawn to look that closely at chickens but that John Wayne clucker sure is handsome! He IS the quintessential chicken for sure!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I'd say if your Jon read you going on about that rooster, he may feel a bit threatened ;) but he was spectacular! I agree with your sis--the lace one was beautiful--she could be an in-house decoration....OH but there's the poop ;(

Jody Blue said...

Tessa~you are around cow poop every time you go to work! Its just a different kind of stinky!
Tami~most poop is stinky, and we'll have a stable boy!
Lina~my Grma had geese, and yes they can be mean, Grma just whacked hers with the bucket if they tried to bite her, if they didn't get message she roasted them.