Sunday, October 31, 2010

WAlk with me...

...around Olympia WA(my trip to see my sister continued) there is alot of fun stuff to see and do. The Farmers Market is really fun, it's big enough to have a good variety of things but not so big that it wears you out. Most of it is covered so even when it rains the buying and selling continues.
The food court has alot of fun choices from German to Oriental to Mexican and local. Tami had Curry in a Hurry, the name just made me laugh...and she did get her curry lickety-split!
So many seeds.
...and more flowers. This just amazed me that the beginning of October and flowers were blooming, not just the ones for sale at the farmers market but in back yards, front yards, along boulevards and in turn abouts.
Barb & I shared a crab cake with a side of coleslaw, it was so good and fresh. Then it was time for dessert.
Horn of Marzipan as big as my hand!
Bubby went for the brownie on a stick!
Tami the phoodie introduced us to "phoo" (like fa as in fa la la la). I'm going to make it for my family, I think I can come pretty close to duplicating it.
The proprietress of this retro little shop, isn't she fun!?!
The inside of the little place was just as fun for the Princess and I.
A stop off at this little place for a cup of joe-lt.
I love details like this. I'd stop for a cappuccino just to get to use that door pull.
Details:) Don't let the love on the top of my latte fool you this stuff was high on the jolt-o-meter! I'm a serious caffeine wienie, so about 1/4 the way threw it my hair was standing on end and I was starting to talk alot...the Princess finished it off for me...we dropped her off at dance so she had a place to utilize the caffeine:)
Playing at Puget Sound during low tide.
Such a creative WAy to WAlk on the beach.
My sweet sister Tami and I.
Shadow WAlking
Wood WAlking, Barb and I loved-loved the tree's they are just plain huge and tall...very very tall. It felt like the Hundred Acre Wood.
And after the little WAlks here and heart WAs WArmed:)


Tami said...

So fun to see your every day life through the eyes of a tourist. Showing you around my stomping grounds was so much fun. My favorite part, where your heart WAs WArmed. We love and miss you Auntie Jody.

Brenda said...

You can easily make Pho, and cheaply too. Seattle's Farmers Market looks like fun!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a fun day - but then any day with a sister is fun, right? I'd love to have been there with those seeds - but I tend to get a little carried away. :) blessings, marlene

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. It looks like you had fun in WAshington!

Anonymous said...

Great Shots Jody! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love when people share the tiny detail of their trips, the door handles, the markets the everyday things that are just different from your own world. Pretty cool. You look like you were surely enjoying yourself;)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Love that "curry in a hurry' how fun! It looks like a great time with your sis - the food looked DE-licious for sure!
Thanks so much for sharing your visit with us Jody!!
Karla & Karrie

Liane said...

Hi, Jody! Thank you for stopping by my blog....what a great day you had! Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous and that brownie on a stick looked like a bellyache! I live on the east coast and also have a sister who lives in Washington state!