Sunday, October 24, 2010


I was blessed with a trip to WAshington state to visit my sister and her little's!!
My friend Barb and I went, she was kind and let me have the window seat. I was like a 5 year old with my nose to the window on the flight out, I was also probably as annoying as a 5 year old can be with my play by play of what we were flying over. All the lakes of MN was so neat to see. Across ND and MT it was pretty much alot of uninhabited land, it had a stark beauty to it. The closer we were to the Rocky mountains the land looked like a velvet quilt made in hues of dark greens and browns, so pretty. Then mountains with silver streams and then clouds.
The first day there Tami took Barb and I to Steilacoom for a Thai shrimp salad(Tami is a serious foodie) and oddly enough as I type this out I am really hungry for that salad. We then did a bit of sight seeing, and then for desert to this quaint little place that was once a general store, pharmacy, and post office all in that's where Target and Walmart got the idea:)
The middle white building is the Steilacoom city hall, it was so picturesque. And just look at the view of Puget sound.
Another day we visited the state capital in Olympia WA.
Statue of Mother Joseph, she was a huge part of the settling of the Northwest. She not only designed 11 hospitals, 7 academies, 5 Indian schools, and 2 orphanages, she also raised money to build them, oversaw, took part, and inspected the buildings, clearly she could bring home the bacon, build the kitchen to fry it in and then fry it up in the pan.
All of the lights in the capital were purchased from Tiffany's long before Tiffany was famous so they were purchased at a bargain price.
Two of these really pretty chandeliers hang in the State Reception room. The me that dabbles in a bit of jewelry making would love to just touch those crystals, or at least be around when they clean the thing, can you imagine!?!
In the Rotunda hangs the largest chandelier ever created by Tiffany, its chain alone weighs 1&1/2 tons, the chandelier weighs 5 tons. During one of the 3 earthquakes to really shake the place it swung for 3 days(it might have been more, I can't recall and so for the sake of not exaggerating I'll stick with 3 days until Tami sets me straight or I get curious enough to just call the number on my capital brochure and ask...I may suggest that they put this kind of information in the brochure so that inquiring minds like mine can know these things. I did try to google it but apparently its a state secret that only the tour guide knows and the rest of us can't remember long enough to get it on the web!)
The capital over looks this little man made lake that over looks Pudget sound. The rest of the trip is soon to follow. I have to do it in a few posts, there is just so much to share.


Schnitzel and the Trout said...

Jody Blue...looks like a wonderful trip to a beautiful part of our USA> Anxious to read more.

Tami said...

It was so very fun getting to be a tourist with you and Barb. I can't wait for the rest of the posts.
Thank you again for letting me show you around my world, seeing it with fresh eyes, and helping me fall in love again with the place that God has for me now.

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a fun trip Jody - I love going to see my sister no matter how often I go. :) blessings, marlene

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We are so looking forward to the rest of your trip - it looks absolutely lovely there! Those chandeliers are awesome...and no, we can't even imagine how they clean them :)
Have a great week Jody!
Karla & Karrie

DayPhoto said...

Pretty cool. It's nice to travel with blog friends!


Brenda said...

The Pacific NW is defiantly God's Country. My last trip to Washington was in 2008. We had a family reunion in Sequim. Isn't it just so fun to go to new places. I love traveling. So thrilled you had a chance to see this part of the country.