Sunday, October 5, 2008

Apple Affair

Avery took this picture at the apple orchard. Jon and the kids took in the Galesville Apple Affair yesterday. They had brats and a piece of the 10-foot apple pie. Graci bought a rug from the Roadside Weaving booth (located between Galesville and Whitehall). It is pale yellow and made from an old chenille bed spread. I took in a nap, just for the record this recovery stuff is for the birds! I hate being so limited in what I can do. I am working on trusting that the Lords best will come of all this (Barb I don't think I "got it" quite yet). Jon brought me home a special treat, a bottle of maple syrup, he knows how to charm me!

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Barb said...

Good photography, Avery! Ya know what they say about getting it....Perhaps you'll get it after the next surgery;) That was mean--I'm sorry. I've not gotten lots of things.