Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Harvest

Its Willy's turn to harvest. Will was on his own. Ave was resting a migraine, he was bummed he miss out on the pumpkin harvest. Now comes the "I get that one" war.

We have a few green ones, we will still think of something fun to do with them. Back when we were homeschooling and had a Homeschoolers Harvest party I made a mock apple pie. I found the recipe in my Little House on the Prairie Cook Book. No one knew I used a green pumpkin. Love that cookbook-loved feeling like Caroline Ingalls if only for a day.

The best part of harvesting for Mom would be driving Dad's lawn mower.

That look of incredible happiness is 'cuz I just told him I would reward him with the corn harvest for doing such a good job on the pumpkins. Will is easy going and a good sport!

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