Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fodder for Winter

We won't be had again!
Last year Jon planted sunflowers so I could feed the birds all winter long. He strung and hung the sunflowers outside the kitchen window for my viewing pleasure. Well to both our dismay and amusement the squirrels cleaned them out in 2 weeks. This year Jon planted 1 & 1/2 rows of sunflowers. We will dry and stash them so every little critter gets a fair share when the winter winds blow. Grace is so kind and doing the sunflower harvest for me.

"Oh Mr. Sun-Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me!"

My kids sang this song when they were little.
Randi would always end with a big "YAH!"

Store up the suns warm rays,
to share them on cold winter days.

"Follow the yellow brick road."
Speckeen Style

The bounty!! A wagon of gold--Brinks trucks have nothing on me! I love my wagon, a gift from Jon last Christmas. He gave it to me for use when I garden, but mostly so I can pull my grand babies.

Hung out to dry!

Jon strung a drying line in the new little garden shed he is building. Lets hope the savvy little squirrel's don't find them befor we get them stashed.

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Tessa Nelson said...

LOVED all the pictures! I knew you'd have a great, fun, warm and charming blog!! Sounds like your "little" Grace is really being a huge help to you while you are layed up. What a girl! I love a daughter that can help her mammy when the going gets tough! Great blog!