Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monkeying Around

Happy 16th Birthday Daina!!
I made this for my niece. When she was here months ago she made a sock monkey--she has a fine appreciation for anything of the sock monkey nature. I started this pre-surgery, needless to say it has taken me a long time to finish. This was my post-surgery "if I'm not back to normal soon I will go crazy!!" project. It took so much concentration and the first couple times I worked on it my neck swelled up, my kids were freaked out by the sight, I was a hurtin' unit! I paced myself after that, a couple of rows a day and finally I finished it!! Oh yea. that back to normal thing still eludes me--monkeying around in moderation!

1 comment:

~Daina Marie~ said...

aunty jody i love it!!! i'm going to wear it all the time!!! i cant belive your neck swelled from making it!