Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lefse Memories

We are not Norwegian, but we sure do love our lefse a.k.a. Manna from Heaven. Jon and I started making lefse about 17 years ago. It was truly a trial and error--lots of error endeavour. It became our challenge to get it right. We asked a ton of questions from any one who made the stuff. I even called someone in Milwaukee for advice.

We are now lefse snobs, we are! We think ours is the best we've tasted!
We make it the week before Thanksgiving and supply it for the feast.

This is the first year Jon's mom has come and joined the labor of love.

Jon is the expert roller and fryer!

This year Grace made a move up the lefse latter and rolled and fryed alot. We were also joined by Jon's sisters family and Grace's boy friend Ian. Pictured here Ian, Kaydra (who looks like a porcelain doll and is Norwegian), yes Willy we see you, and Grace. It won't take long and the lefse will be just a memory.


Tessa Nelson said...

I love all your pictures! You do it the REAL way, w/ real potatos! wow, I'm impressed! I just use the potato flakes:-p I would love to try some of yours some time to see how much better using real potatos makes it:-D

sewtakeahike said...

is this similar to spaetzel? I love that stuff!

jacquie said...

i saw your comment on Penny's blog and had to come check out your lefse. we have lefse night on Thanksgiving eve...fill the house with flour and even have a lefse toss to condition the dough before we start rolling! everyone participates (we make lefse potatoes earlier in the day) and munch on them while they are cooling. only REAL potatoes make real lefse! Glad to see other lefse fanatics out there!

Anonymous said...

okay, now this is just MUST post the recipe! I am jonesing for some lefse now!