Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baseball Brothers

A & W are so different, just like the first letter of their names on the alphabet spectrum they are on opposite ends. Not only in looks, body type, complexion, but also in temperament, how they approach a problem, and their study (or lack of) habits, just to name a few. The one thing they do share is their love of the game! Now its baseball, in the fall it will be football. It has also caused more than their share of arguments at times. But when the dust settles they grab their gloves and head out to the back yard to play catch and critique throwing technique. It brings them together in a sweet way. I'm sure they would object to me using the word sweet when referring to them--unless it's a sweet new glove or cleats!
Avery plays 2nd base and rumor has it he will be pitching soon on the JV1 team.

Willy pitches, plays 1st base, and sometimes right field on the JV2 team.

Will & Ave
It is not often that they both have a game in the same place, when they do its a huge bonus and a great time to snap a pictures of them together. It brings us all together in a sweet way, and they can't argue with that!!


DayPhoto said...

Happy Days are here again!!!!


Tami said...

I love the photos of them through the fence. What a treat for you to see your boys, both enjoying the game. These days seem to slip by so quickly. What beautiful memories you are making. It is the "stuff" of life that will nourish our souls forever.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to your world map? I was stopping by to see who in the world has been visiting you. :) Tami

Jody Blue said...

Linda, happy--yes, but also smelly uniforms to wash days!!
Tami, I have to get a different one, there was a scantly clad girl when you go to details and I just didn't want to share that in my blog world

Tami said...

Oh my! Hopefully someone with clothing can help with geography.

abroadermark said...

How SWEET!! :D