Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One with Dirt

Jon, A & W in their John Deere sweat shirts they received for Christmas.
Jon, A & W living up to the slogan on their sweat shirts.
And when they were done planting the garden--the tub was also one with dirt!


Tami said...

The garden is in, how exciting. It looks like you have a big garden this year. I hope it warms up for the seeds to germinate.

DayPhoto said...

Wow! You have a big garden. I always put mine out in the edge of field so I can't really tell how big it is.


Brenda said...

That does look like a big garden! You'll have to share canning tips with me....I've always been a "throw it in the freezer quick today, because of work tomorrow" type of food preserving person. Have fun watching it grow! One thing my garden does is let me know there is a God. It is so amazing watching it evolve.

Heidi said...

ok, small town wi? where is the small town at exactly?? hmmmm - and one with the dirt.. I LOVE IT!! LOL