Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cookie Pudding

I begged was given this recipe from the wife of a pastor we had a few years ago (18 is a few right?). This is one of our "potluck" favorites. The kids will snag some out before it is garnished or hope that some will be left over at parties end. They then hide their little stash in the frig, usually behind something they think the others won't eat (Grace-under the lettuce, Ave-behind the yogurt, Will-butter door).
Here's the goods!! If your a stickler for brand name foods, this is one of those times when it really doesn't matter--also this was last minute so Willy and I went to the local small town Piggly-Wiggly, where you can blow threw a whole weeks food budget on just a few items.

Cookie Pudding
2 small boxes vanilla instant pudding
2 cups butter milk (I have used 3 cups when I've felt the need to make it stretch)
16 oz. whipped topping
2 cans mandarin oranges-drained
1 pkg. fudge striped cookies-crumble except for one row as garnish

Mix 2 boxes of pudding with the buttermilk (it will not be a smooth).
Add whipped topping, crushed cookies (save a row for garnish) and drained mandarin oranges.
Garnish with remaining cookies. Its ready to serve and will keep in the frig for a few days if it lasts that long! I could have zoomed in on just the top, I thought you'd want to see my retro pyrex, that for all my wishin' still hasn't broken.
This is what my Dad would call a "potlicker"


Brenda said...

I used to have a dish that matched that, but the lid broke and I let it go just a short year ago. it had been with me almost my whole adult life. Love the piggy cookie jar too!

Sounds yummy, but our house is gluten free (except for those darn raman noodles Desi has to have). And I ALWAYS use off brands. It rarely matters, except when other people see the labels ;)

Dandelionmom said...

You can't seriously wish that beauty to break!?>! It's cooler than cool! Toooo cool for school-SO out of the mold not "in" marches to the beat of its own salad...which reminds me...WHY oh WHY do we call these things SALADS?? salad implies health-not decadence! I had the hardest time explaining these to an Australian blog-freind---I DO think she thinks I am "touched in the head!" I always make this salad when I spot the generic tiny versions of this cookie-sooo cute when you don't have to dust them up!

DayPhoto said...

Thanks for the recipe. And I love your dish!


sewtakeahike said...

oh man that looks good! will bookmark this recipe for our next potlock dish!

Tessa Nelson said...

looks good!!

Tami said...

You figured out how to do the cross out thing, I'm impressed!
Thanks for the recipe, it looks like I can even handle it in my little TLF kitchen.

abroadermark said...

I'm with Dandelionmom - that is one cool dish you've got there, Jodi!

And I am MAKING this pudding TO-night! I'm sick of healthy eating anyway. :D

Jody Blue said...

Brenda- The pig has been with me since I was 17! He in a bit of whimsy! My lid is broken and the next set down so whats left is this one and a small one /lid..Dandelion-which is why I'm ready to be done with it, at this point can't justify spending $$ on a new set, as you know with kids in the kitchen (or me for that matter) it would soon be an incomplete set. I'm going it look for the itty bitty stripped cookies! Other Kindred's-Let me know when you give it a try!

Tami said...

Okay, call me and tell me how you do that cross out thing.