Sunday, July 26, 2009


2009 day 2 cont.
I never made it to day 3 or 4, bummer~I know. The good thing is, I have enough to share and finish from day 2 and those all way too much fun CHICKEN pictures.
What kid, or adult for that matter, would pass that up!?! This was inside the Agricultural Progress building.
I have no idea what this building is called~I call it "the free popcorn place" ~it also has some really fun stuff.
This is an old milk tester.Old photographs from around Trempealeau County.
A really neat old fair advertisement (Jon pointed out that even in 1915 advertisers used pretty women to attract a crowd).
The place is lined with old cream cans and a toy farm implement collection that would make any little tractor lover stand in awe with mouth dropped open as if tractor heaven had open and rained down. And how do I know this you may ask, when our boys were little we spent every trip to the fair (some times more than once a day) just standing, looking, drooling, and they didn't have to keep their hands in their pockets, because there is a fence all the way around and 3 feet from the display, some one had their thinking cap on!

This is just inside of the building that has the rabbits, chickens, ducks, and goats. Cute on many levels, it is planted with lettuces and pansies, weedin'/Eden thing (who wishes they had less weed and a bit more Eden!), although a bit off on his Biblical historical facts in 1886 Rev Van Slyke wrote a theory about Galesville being the literal Garden of Eden.
Can you guess which other bailing building we spent/still spend ALOT of time in? Not just because of the chickens, our Grace is a serious critter lover. No fence holding you back in here! If the animals owners are around they usually let you pet, and sometimes will take one out for you to hold. I'll say it again, I love small towns! Oh yea, that is a mini-rex and they are so soft! Our rabbit is a mini-rex. He's not show quality, we don't talk about it in front of him, we also don't talk about how when he tips over we are getting a show quality bunny, he is really soft but let me tell you the show quality ones are like bunny fur utopia!
This little girl was so friendly
I loved it how they all popped up to say hello, which Jon kindly did to each one as he walked by.
I was a bit sad/frustrated that I did not make it the rest of they days. Here's what we all missed out on: Animal Auction( if you want a good laugh see my sisters blog), Dog Obedience Judging, hours of anything to do with the horses, The Merchants Building, The Little Red School House from the 189?'s, The DNR Log Cabin, 4-H drawing, painting, and photography entries, walking tacos at the 4-H food shack, 1919 Root Beer for 2 more days, and the midway(which I really don't give a rip about any way, so that's no heartbreak on my part). One more bit of fair sadness or un-FAIR-ness, there were no draft horses this year, I love the draft horses. Also there were less horse and dairy cow entries. My sister in law said the LaCrosse County Fair also had less. Small family farms are always hit so hard when the economic system is in a funk. They need our prayers.


Tami said...

Well, I guess I can say my fair trip was memorable. And, as you pointed out, entertaining for others. Kiddos, whatcha gonna do.
About the horse thing. I was talking to a horse lady at church on Sunday. I was telling her about all of the horses people are letting go to run free on Ft. Lewis (the Army Post in WA). I asked why people didn't just sell them, and she said you can hardly give a horse away right now. In the past year her family has been offered 7 "free" horses. Apparantly they are very expensive to have around, so when the economy is in the gutter it is tough for people to keep them.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love fairs! Thanks for taking me to one! C

Anonymous said...

I am following your posts, but blogger keeps knocking my out of your following list.

But I sign back in, every time.


Schnitzel and the Trout said...

Very nice blog. I know Galesville. We used to live in La Crosse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another trip to the fair! When will more chicken pictures show up? Barb