Thursday, July 2, 2009

Custom Water Ski Show Boards

My husband is a very talented man. He can fix and cobble like no one I know. He has a few hobbies, some cost money, some save money, and some even make money. Wood working is one of the his hobbies that does all three. Over the years he has refinished, remade (We sleep in a piano-that is a post for another day), and built furniture and toys. This is the latest endeavor of entrepreneurship he and his brother Dave have collaborated on. Dave drives his boat for the Bethany Ski Team-click here, at church, where Grace and many cousins are on the ski team. The ski team needed skis, but they are expensive to buy when you need 15-20 sets. So they figured out how to build them, which was no small undertaking and it has, since then, turned into a little cottage industry.
They start with a big pile of wood, Mahogany and/or Ash.

Then they make a big pile of sawdust. The ripping, planing, cutting, sanding, and scuffing is endless and creates so much dust. They clean up with scoop shovels. I do have plans for this stuff in the near future, and it has to do with chickens (as I explained in this post-here).

If I showed you every step of the process it would take too many pictures, that and I don't want to give away to many trade secrets-ok I don't know all the steps! This photo shows a few steps although not in order. The fixtures (things that mold and press the wood) were designed and fabricated by Jon and Dave.

Dave grading lams before the steaming process.

Some have tips cut and some are waiting to have the tips cut and sanded. Much easier to see what the end product will be.

They make 12 at a time, here each side gets sprayed and scuffed a few times.

All finished, it just needs the bindings put on and its ready to take to the water. A show board is made for basing pyramids in water ski shows or used as a ballet ski. This is a plain Jane one.

This is where the custom comes in.
This part is done by some other guy, who probably has a wood shop in his garage. I'm sure his wife is also thankful that this is one little hobby that makes money.
Click on picture to enlarge. You can see the detail and the beauty of the wood.
Isn't it beautiful?!?! I will post the Bethany Ski Team in action soon.


Tami said...

Jonny is one talented man. I am always so impressed with your creativity and his ability to turn it into a reality. Yes, you do have to show them your piano bed. It is amazing.

Brenda said...

That is AWESOME!

sewtakeahike said...

oh my goodness Jody! Your husband does fabulous work. You can sure tell he loves doing woodwork, they are beauties!

Tami said...

I like the new look of your blog. It goes beautifully with the picture of you in your apron.

Anonymous said...

WOW Those are beautiful! I know EXACTLY the work that went in to them. Nice!

DayPhoto said...

It is beautiful! WOW!


Anonymous said...

Sooo Cool. My husband wishes to make something with his hands like furniture. One day! First we need a house and a work shop. The house is in the workings. Pray on that. Talk later.

Unknown said...

These skis are absolutely amazing! I am a show skier in South Dakota and have struggled in tryin to find or make showboards. I would love to get more info.

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