Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bonus Day with Agnes?

These are Grace's "driving gloves" she bought them last fall at a thrift store for 50 cents. She got in the car put them on, then took them off and put them out of sight, they were to "distracting"--she couldn't stop chuckling! Grace is chauffeuring me to a dr. appointment. When we arrived she said "BONUS" Look for our listening pleasure!
The harp is so pretty, with so much detail.
This nice lady let me take pictures. I should have asked her name . I imagine her as an Agnes, my Grma Brown had a friend named Agnes Stoltz. So Agnes the Harpest it is!
A bonus day indeed!


Tami said...

Tell Grace she better make sure her gloves are up to date on their shots.

Oh, I remember visiting Agnes with Grandma. I have to chuckle, as when I read Agnes in the title I thought of Agnes Stoltz right away. I love all of the great memories we share :)

dhoptoad5 said...

Brenda says "she's no Agnes Stolz!" LOL

It is a good memory!