Monday, March 16, 2009

Leapin' Lepre--doodle!

Ok so he's a labradoodle... but boy can he leap!!! And we aren't even Irish but we will be having corned beef, cabbage, and little red potatoes. This year I'm going to make Irish soda bread, if it goes over with my family we will add it to our St. Patricks day menu. And for just a touch O' the green we will make pistachio bread.
Avery and Otto were out trouncing in the snow a few short weeks ago. Now it's mud, mud, mud!


Unknown said...

I absolutely adore labradoodles, such cool dogs! Let's trade dogs, lol... thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my contest. I just got back from my vacation today and will draw a winner tomorrow... good luck!! :)

Barb said...

Dinner sounds great. Can I come? Sounds so ambitious...I think we will have....there's a pizza in the freezer. Remember the drinking days of green beer and green beer puke on the sidewalks? Now have a nice dinner!

abroadermark said...

Huh?! I just know I left a comment here the other day. Wonder what happened to it? Probably something my doggone computer did. Ah well, it wasn't anything very clever. I just made a silly joke about your VERY CUTE dog and his fancy jig step. :D