Sunday, December 7, 2008

B is for Boy

The blue eyed boy in big blue shoes!!
This was our Thanksgiving surprise!! They arrived from Missouri and ambushed us at the entrance to Macy's Christmas display. And this Grma did a huge red nosed cry (you know the one) yes I did right there holding up the line. His Grmpa let him go into the display (yea and had one of our 5 ever tried that there would have been trouble). We took him to cut a real tree (pictures to follow) and loved on him like there was no tomorrow! I am Thankful.


Tessa Nelson said...

He is truly such a cute, CUTE little boy!!!

Tami said...

OHHH! He is so sweet. I'm so excited, I have a Google/Blogger name. Now I can post on your site! Yippee!