Monday, December 15, 2008

Dressed in Holiday Style

Drum roll please! I told you he out did himself!
We all stand in the front yard for the first lighting of the season. We take turns flipping the switch, Willy did the honors this year. Jon put in a master switch for all outside lights. It's located inside at the top of the stairs, to be turned off when the last one up is turning in.
I don't always get all (or any for that matter) of the candles turned on in the windows. If you drive by for a look, call and I can make sure they are all on.
I may be a bit prejudice, but this has my vote for
"Best of Show in a Small Town"


abroadermark said...

I love the lights!! And your new header is just too cute for words!!

Barb said...

Jon certainly did do it up well! And ditto on the header--well done!

Tami said...

The house is beautiful! Way to go Jonny.
:) Tami