Friday, December 19, 2008

Willy's Day

Happy 15th Birthday Willy!!!
Will's first gift of the day was a 2 hour snow delay!! He is a great kid!! Willy is a traditionalist, his birthday meal will be the same that he has had for years. Grace and Ave try to persuade him to change things up, but his meal will be "A Boy Scout Meal". Jon had it as a kid when camping on Royal Ranger outings.
Boy Scout Meal
--ring baloney
--seasons - salt (use very little), pepper, Lawreys
-- toast
Saute ring baloney, stir in eggs that have been whisked, season, stir until eggs are done, add cheese, when that's melted squirt in ketchup until a nice orange-ish color. Serve with toast!


abroadermark said...

Happy birthday to your handsome Will!

Tessa Nelson said...

That sounds bery much like a man meal... It doesn't sound that good to me, a girl!