Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rosie the Rosetters

Like Rosie the Riviter we were heating iron , but with a whole different outcome.

I had no plans to do Rosettes this year. Grace had other plans. We made it a mother daughter day while A & W were at school. Grace did 90% of the work, I stepped in for pictures. Isn't she adorable in her apron. Its a youth apron that Barb gave her years ago. I offered her a bigger one but she was fine with hers, she didn't want to wear one with chickens on it!
Am I a beaut or what!! I think the apron added 10 pounds, that and the 3 layers you need to wear when you do anything in my kitchen in winter. I have on my Christmas apron. I have no idea where it came from. Had to be in a hand me down box. I'm sure it was made for someone alot taller than I, and the little pocket that once held someones hanky now holds my cell phone.
Grace came down with a bandana on, and like any full grown woman would do I said "Ooo go get me one!! It was fun teaching her how to make Rosettes (I had always done them when everyone went to bed a "my thing"). A memory I will hold dear.


Tessa Nelson said...

yeah, that apron doesn't do you any favors! lol... My kitchen is like that too.. many layers to work in there in this weather. I dream of a day when my house is normal and warm w/o the heat running all the time. Don't you just hate the grease smell after you make them!? Ick, that's the only down side to those. Looks like you two had a great mother daughter day! I was just telling my mom what a blessing it is that Grace decided to homeschool again so she could help you out so much:-D

Tami said...

You two look great. What a wonderful Christmas memory. Wish we could join you one day.