Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Exterior Illumination Specialst

Every year I tell him: cut it down, its too big, plant a smaller one, you can't see and I don't want to hit a little old lady (The one who is caretaker of the A. A. Arnold house) when I (or Grace who Chauffeurs me) back out, and you are going to break your neck one of these times. Every year he says I know but I planted these with them, Randi was in 3rd grade and J.J. was in kindergarten, they brought them home for National Arbor Day. Every year he devises another "tool" to help him get the lights to the top. And every year he out does his self! I will post the end result soon, we just had a beautiful snow and it is lovely.
Checking up on the Vikings game between putting up the strands of lights. He bought a "I gotta have it" tool, he heard about it last year but MENards was sold out. It repairs the light strands so slick and helps find that one burnt out bulb that makes 1/2 of them to go out.


Tessa Nelson said...

I'm surprised that he was out there w/ the game on at all..... if I remember what a football FREAK :-D

Tami said...

Okay I know this is an old post, but it was before my bloggy days. I feel compelled to remind you of the time you left our house in IL at 11PM. You drove all night long so you could be home for the Viking game the next day. CRAZY!